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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tips to Help You Get a Bartending Job

Something most new bartenders don't know is that bartending will require a specific skillset, however there are additional things you should do if you're serious about getting a position in this lucrative field.

Show Your Charm

There could be thirty candidates or there might be 2, whatever the amount of applicants you're facing, character is certainly the greatest element in the equation. By letting your character and personality show, you are minimizing every other element. For example, experience may have been an important factor going into the interview.  But after speaking with and learning what kind of individual you, they may no longer care about your experience in bartending. Rather, they know that you will make an excellent member of the team and prefer to train you themselves.

 Look the Part

Wear an outfit at the minimum, at or above the same quality as the current bartenders of the establishment. Should you be trying for a high class club or bar, be certain to wear very nice attire. When you're looking to get hired at a smaller bar, wear a lot more casual appearance while remaining clean and hirable. Looking  slightly better than their present bar staff will send an excellent message, "This is the perfect bartender for my establishment!" Be aware that these sets of rules can be used even when going into the bar to get a blank application. You by no means know if the manager who selects the staff will be present and will want to introduce himself to you at that moment.

 Be Persistent

 Heading to the bar and turning in your completed application is only just the first step in the process. After applying, visit the establishment and ask if you can speak with the general manager. Let them know that you are highly interested in bartending for their establishment. It is best to be persistent with out being annoying. Inform them you need the position and are available to start working immediately. After you've interviewed, wait about two days prior to inquiring with a telephone call. By showing them that you are an action taker you may help their decision in the matter.

 Apply to A lot of Establishments

 Treat the application approach as if it's your job. Visit as many bars you're interested in as possible and send a completed application. You are much more likely to get a job if you increase the chances. Give yourself better odds and put your cover letter and resume out to as many hiring managers as you are able to. Think of it as a numbers game.

 You Can Do It!

 You can find a lot of information on the net. Whether or not you're searching for your very first job mixing or you've already had numerous years of bartending experience, getting the job is all about your ability to be persistent. Put forth the effort and the opportunities will be there. It's completely in your control to get the position.

 Bartending School is an Option

 There are free options across the internet. For those in need of a bartenders guide, do not invest hundreds of dollars in a school. Bartender Mixed is completely free and offers more than what most professional schools can give in their curriculum.

For some people, live lessons are worth the high cost. In-person bartending schools can be found online with a simple local search in your area. If you are having a hard time locating a job, contemplate attending a school as some offer job placement.

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